Sola Remora Remote Trigger, 20" Kit (Models 500, 600, 800 & 1200)

SKU: RT110120

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The Sola Remote Trigger is a product specifically designed to remotely control Light & Motion's new line of LED lights. It works with the Sola 500, 600, 800 & 1200 models bought prior to March 2012. (this version of remote trigger is not compatible with the Sola 2000 or 4000 video lights). This is handy for photographers and videographers by allowing them control over the light where they want it - near their hands.

How many times have you set up, only to have to change the light level or beam width? Chances are the light is under a coral, nestled in hydroid, buried in sand, or your lights are 3 feet away at the end of an arm - how do you do this? The Sola Remote Trigger!

The trigger is a simple mechanism that attaches to your light (like a remora). You run the 20" length cable down the arm, attach it with our flexible Cable Tie, to where ever you want the trigger to be within easy reach.


•Aluminum housing and extrusion plus sturdy plastic construction

•No maintenance required - just rinse

•Custom cable lengths available from 20" up to 48" extended

•Flexible silicon rubber cable tie provided to tether the cable to arm

•Optional ridged mounts available (Xit 404 Quad Ball Adaptor required)

•Ultra light weight design adds less than 3 ounces dry


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