The PentaMirror is a specialized mirror system designed to view the high definition screens visible through the window on both camcorder and SLR housings. The PentaMirror mounts in front of these windows and provides a view of the screen from either above or behind the housing.

Mounting is simple and reliable, a tether is provided to make sure the mirror stays with the housing. One spare set of mirrors is supplied and are easily replaced. Mounts and hardware are provided to attach to your housing - the PentaMirror attaches to this mount.

The PentaMirror gives the videographer greater flexibility to frame and focus in all positions and in some cases impossible positions. It is an inexpensive alternative to external monitors and requires no wiring or power.

Viewfinder Plug, Aquatica Aluminum (Watertight)
Viewfinder Plug, Aquatica Aluminum (Watertight) $50.00
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Viewfinder Plug, Sea & Sea Delrin (Watertight) (COMING SOON)
Viewfinder Plug, Sea & Sea Delrin (Watertight) (COMING SOON) $50.00
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Viewfinder Plug, Subal Delrin (Watertight)
Viewfinder Plug, Subal Delrin (Watertight) $50.00
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