Quick Slide Mount Kit for 1/4-20 Threaded Holes

SKU: MF000200

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Our Quick Slide Mount is used for attaching devices to your housing. The mount attaches to any 1/4” threaded hole on your housing, but works best with Xit 404’s Quad Ball Adapter. It will allow you to quickly change from one light to another. For example when shooting video you may wish to shoot with the Sola 2000s and the next dive the Sola 4000s. This is a quick change with our Quick Slide Mounts. You can easily loosen it and slide it off to replace with your other lights. It will allow you to remove it under water for more creative shooting away from your housing. The Slide Mount is available for either 1/2” or 3/4” Locline,or can be outfit with a Ball Adapter. It is made of Aluminum construction with a plastic cinch nut.

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