Quad Ball Adaptor Kit

SKU: MQ000100

Click for Quad Ball Adaptor Kit Installation Instructions and Warranty

The Quad Ball Adaptor can accommodate up to four Ball Adaptors: three angled and one vertically oriented. Where ever there is a t-plate you can attach a Quad Ball Adaptor. For example the ones located on each of your handles. To install, you slide the Quad Ball onto the t-plate and then screw down the supplied 1/4-20 socket head screw. This will allow you to attach a variety of equipment. For example, up to four strobes, two strobes and a focus light or two strobes and two video lights using Ultra Light clamps. This allows you to have a variety of set-ups depending on what you are shooting image wise or videoing. The Quad Ball Adaptor Kit comes with the Quad Ball, two Ball Adaptors, four Pins and a Socket Head Screw.


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